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I grew up in Nottinghamshire in the UK, but I myself am now an international student living abroad. In the UK I worked as a Marketing Consultant in the Education sector, but now I am a Freelance Writer, Blogger and Social Media Manager for many different companies internationally, whilst studying towards my degree in Dubai. I have seen and experienced a lot of England, especially London, for both work and play so I hope I can provide a great insight to living in England for both international students and young professionals.

As one of the original founders at Polar Choice I have seen it all. I have endured the good and the bad of the accommodation industry in London and being born in this great city I am able to give a perspective that perhaps others cant. In 2011 we decided that we wanted to diversify the services we offer our clients and I worked hard to develop relationships with schools and education partners across the globe so that we can now offer a product that's unmatched anywhere in the world. If you have a question on any of the products or services that we offer or would like some advice on London or UK destinations get in touch and I will give you an honest assessment.

Jenny Price
26 Febrero 2015
  Si vas a vivir en el extranjero, el proceso de adaptación en una nueva ciudad no tiene por qué ser una experiencia solitaria. Este proceso debería ser emocionante y deberías estar ansioso por s...
Jenny Price
05 Febrero 2015
Estudiar un idioma en otro país que no es el tuyo puede ser difícil, especialmente cuando hay una amplia gama de acentos y frases extrañas. Si vas a estudiar Inglés en Londres, es posible que desees u...
Jenny Price
26 Marzo 2015
Ya seas un estudiante que esté considerando tomar alguno de los cursos de inglés en Londres que Polar Choice ofrece, o seas un estudiante internacional que vive en una de nuestras propiedades, probabl...