TTI School

TTI School

Another Friday another blog this week I visited TTI School of English in London.  I love Camden personally so it was a treat to be able tome here for work.  As one of London s most vibrant areas with world famous bars like Gilgamesh and the Camden Palace this school is certainly benefits from being in one of London's tourist hotspots.  Even if you don't study with TTI make sure you take the time to go to Camden its a real treat.


To start, tell us more of the School’s History?

The school was opened in 1999 and originally it was a training institute or training for teachers as our name said: TTI=Teacher Training Institute. Nevertheless, 13 years ago the centre was closed as training institute and started offering English courses. We have now 2 buildings, one in front of the other, where we teach English lessons.

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How is a lesson in TTI?

Our school is based on the communication, therefore the lessons are more focus on the interaction between teacher-student and students with students. We don’t follow a book, except for exams preparation like FCE or CAE. Teachers prefer to give photocopies of articles, exercises.. And they do the listening with news of the radio, internet, etc. So, we want to offer a more useful English, English for “real life”, let’s say it like this.

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And your teachers, how is the relationship teacher-student?

It is one of the things which make us unique. The office, the students and the teachers we are very close. It is like a family as since the beginning we always have wanted to make students feel like at home.

To finish, tell us why we should pick up TTI?

We are not a school chain, we are only one. Therefore you will be in contact with our team in every moment, which is important in order to help the students. The reason why students choose us is because we are a small, homely and friendly school in a huge city as London. Also, most of our staff is students. For example, we offer free coffee to our students, all they want and when they want. For this, we have 2 people who serve the coffee as a deal they study here for free. We also plan activities every week, we sell tickets for musicals, excursions, museums, etc.. For example today we have sold a cake and with the money raised we have given to charity

Well thats it for this school visit you can find all our english language courses online and if you would like more information on TTI please dont hesitate to get in touch. I throughly enjoyed my afternoon at TTI for more information on English courses in London or English courses in England you can fcontact us, remember withb London especially we are experts we have the local knowledge and being based here we can make sure we get the best language course deal possible for you.

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