The Positive and Negatives of Sharing a Room

The Positive and Negatives of Sharing a Room

One of the major reasons why people prefer accommodating in a shared room is to share the expenses. Students or job seekers do not come into London with a big and flexible budget; therefore they seek accommodations where they can share the rent, belongings and other facilities with their room partners.

There is an important reason why the trend of shared rooms is reaching towering heights. An essential feature of a shared room is a room partner. While having a friend or a relative, who can share the room with you has its advantages, many people prefer to leave their homes and travel overseas all alone. Having a roommate who is a complete stranger has its own pros and cons. Some of them are stated below:



Lets have a look at some of the positives when sharing a room 

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Shared Responsibilities

Since you are residing in a shared room with a room partner, you get the opportunity of assigning half the household chores to your roommate whereas you complete the other half by yourself. A shared room comes with the privileges of shared expenses, shared cleaning responsibilities and shared utilities.

A Room-mate-Come-Accomplice

Many people end up finding a friend or a companion in a roommate. While there are incidences when you do not get along with your roommate at all, many a times your roommate is your only saviour when you come across an urgent emergency, sharing emotional moments and good & bad times. When you are too sick to get up and do the chores, the understanding roommate is likely to act more like a friend in need.



Lets have a look at some of the negatives when sharing a room

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Privacy at Stake

One of the most popular drawbacks of having a roommate is to have someone to invade your privacy. People who are not used to living and sharing things with someone might be in an uncomfortable state when living with a room partner. Considering London, which is a noisy and chaotic city; people who are eager to reach home as a refuge from all the hustle & bustle, find a nagging room partner waiting to destruct their privacy to be a scary thought.


When sharing a room, it is essential to take the roommate’s permission when calling over friends for dinner or holding a party as abidance to the etiquettes. The fact that taking a stranger roommate’s permission for doing things you want, can take a toll on anyone. However, if you share a friendly bond with your roommate, this isn’t a real drawback.

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