The Burlington School

The Burlington School

This time I decided to tell you with my own words what the teachers told us about the school, so here you will find all the information you can possibly imagine about this wonderful academy!


About the school

The school opened in 1990 with just 2 classrooms offering English Courses in London and moved to Fulham in 1995 opening a new college at Chesilton Road. Currently the school has 15 classrooms, 2 student residences, 3 study sessions and offer courses from beginners to advanced students. The school offers interactive aids to improve the learning process, teachers use smart boards and students are welcome to suggest topics to discuss in class. If you come to study here you will use media, news and articles not just a boring textbook.

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Dont get carried away

Dont get too excited! Smart boards don’t mean that you don’t need a book, you still need your book to study grammar or do more stuctured study. Thye will provide yo with an specific book depending on the time of study. If you stay longer you will learn more about grammar while studying at The Burlington School for a shorter period means you spend more time on speaking.

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On Arrival

When you arrive at The Burlington School you will take a writing test to know your grammar level – 50 questions with multiple choice. Then, you have a speaking test with the director of studies and last but not least you will be allocated in a group with similar English level as you.

Class sizes & Courses offered

The average of students in one classroom depends on the season; during the summer you will find between 12 to 15 students per classroom, in winter or more quit periods you will find in average 10 or 12 students. The School offers preparation courses for TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge as well as general English courses. They are a Trinity registered centre meaning that you can also prepare here for the Trinity exam!

Social Activities

Lot of activities are provided at the school. Trips around London are organised each day but also weekend trips around Europe and the UK are arranged. You will be able to do even longer trips, you just need to look at the calendar or ask at reception

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So why would you study here?

The Burlington School offers English Courses in London with very competitive prices including two sessions: one in the morning and another during the afternoon. The afternoon option is cheaper than the morning option, if you want to find a cheap English course you might find it here in the afternoon session! You will choose The Burlington School thanks to the atmosphere within the school. It’s family orientated and really friendly. Moreover the location is a massive selling point, the school is located 5 minutes away from Fulham Broadway Station, perfect for those students who dont want to study in central London but want to stay close to the trendy areas such as Chelsea and Wimbledon. They really make and effort to make sure each student feels welcome, I felt very welcome in my visit.

Thats it for today don't forget you can find all of Burlingtons courses on our website be sure to check in with Polar agent for any discounts or special offers on English courses in London and the rest of the United Kingdom

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