St Andrews Day Scotland

St Andrews Day Scotland

Following on from our post on remembrance Sunday we now take a look at Saint Andrews day and what it means. For our international clients its important to understand some of the cultural factors and holidays us Brits celebrate. For any students studying English in Scotland or anyone who fancies taking the trip north of the border to explore Scotland and take in a national Scottish holiday.

At Polar Choice we are constantly looking at ways of getting our clients a view that they wouldn't get anywhere else as part of our commitment to this I caught up with our guest blogger Ewan Rusack for a quick pint in London and to discuss St Andrews day informally. I thought that it would be refreshing for our students who want to study English in Scotland to understand what a real scot feels about Saint Andrews day.


When is SAINT Andrews day and what's it all about

St Andrews Day is the 30th of November and as you can guess by the title of this page it is Scotlands national day. For any of our students studying english in Scotland you will probably have already seen lots of promotion and general excitment around the country for the national day but for those of you who are interested in learning more about this national holiday I will try and give you an insight into what its all about.

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Who is Saint Andrew and why was he important

For a real in depth view in Saint Andrew you can click the image on the right. Broadly speaking Saint Andrew was a Galilean fisherman he brought the first foreigners to meet Jesus and was generally considered to be a popular and well liked character.

Rusack the man on the street

As I mentioned before there are plenty of sites that can give you a real insight into what Saint Andrews day is all about but I wanted to show you how it is perceived by a real scot.  I caught up with our guest Scottish blog contributor and Edinburgh native Ewan Rusack for a pint slightly smaller than the one he is drink on the right.

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What is saint andrews day like in scotland?

For me its usually a quiet day as it's not a bank holiday but a day everyone has an excuse to be patriotic. A lot of historical / tourist sites are free entry for the day before and after. I guess Leon for your students studying English in Scotland it would be an economical way to get out and see some of the Scottish heritage sites for free

Other than another day for a lager, what does Saint Andrews day mean to you?

St Andrews day to mean to me a day to feel proud to be Scottish and remember the traditions of Scotland.

What traditions are there on Saint Andrews day?

Traditions would be the standard meal Haggis Neeps and Tatties and few beers/ whiskeys in the evening (another Scottish dish if you don't like haggis) also and excuse to eat local sweets and irn bru etc if you don't usually have them routinely.

Do traditions differ throughout the country?

Wouldn't say so but the further up north you go the more people will stick to tradition.

So what will you be doing on Saint Andrews day?

I will be going to the pub and having a few beers with my mates then will almost definitely having haggis for tea (as cheesey as it sounds mate haha)

Ewan your a legend mate thanks for contributing to the blog don't forget that if you have any questions about studying English in Scotland or would like to know more about Saint Andrews day just ask.  If we don't know the answer we will get it for you.

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