Oxford House College

Oxford House College

Another trip to ccentral London and this time to Oxford House located on Oxford street in the heart of London.

Today I met with Hugo Brent who is the schools marketing manager


Can you tell us more of the school’s history?

The school was founded in 1994 and its main goal was to offer a valued education. The school is opened to students from every country and is called like this because originally the school was placed near the Oxford Circus Market and its name was Oxford House. 10 years ago we moved into this building because its size is much larger than our old site.

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You have more Schools not only in London, where are they?

Indeed, we have another 2 schools in Oxford and in Stratford-upon-Avon. Thus, we give the opportunity to students of choosing among different places but with the same courses.

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What is a typical lesson like with Oxford House College, how are your teachers methods?

Generally, most of our staff is young and all of them are British. When you start your first day, you have to take a level test, furthermore, you have to talk with our team reception in order to check which your Speaking level is. Then, we could guarantee you the course which suitable you the most. If you don’t like the level of the class you can change the lesson. In every course you need a book for doing exercises.

You prepare exams like IELTS, Cambridge, etc?

Yes, we have specific courses for these exams. Furthermore we are an examiner centre. So, students can do here the Cambridge exams. The length for these courses is 12 weeks and in the last one you would have your exam. To guarantee that the student will be successful, we have a level test, so if can recommend you to do first a general English course or place you straight in the course for the exam. Talking about IELTS, this exam is different. People take this exam for something specific, especially for the University. However Cambridge is more recognised for studies, jobs, travel…

I see that the school has a lot of students, where are they from?

Mainly they are Spanish and Italians, following German, French, Brazilians, Japanese and Korean. We have a maximum of 16 students per classroom.

Is there something else you want to tell us about the school?

Yes, it is something really interesting. Every Friday students and teacher go to the Pub near us for talking and knowing more from each other, there is a very good relation teacher-student. Also, we have a social programme with different activities during the week like football, parties, excursions, etc.

My thanks to Mr Brent for taking the time out from his busy schedule to show us about. Another trip to central London is done, its one of the perks of the jobs I guess. If your interested in studying english in London or with TTI get in touch and our education consultants will be able to get the best course for you at the best price.

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