Kaplan International Colleges

Kaplan International Colleges

Welcome back guys I am excited to be visiting one of the most famous language schools not only in the UK but also all over the globe.  This week we are with Kaplan. I have been granted exclusive permission to visit the central office in London where a lot of the the different departments work. When I arrived I could see just how big and well run this language school really is the sheer scale of staff and professionalism here is really something.


I caught up with a member of staff and discussed the school and how it all came about

So how did all of this start?

Well, we started being a small group of schools and we were growing until become a strong group in this sector. As you see can each department is divided into countries, so we guarantee a better service as the students can speak in their mother tongues and it is easier the communication.

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How many schools do you have in London?

Here in London we have 2, one in Covent Garden and other one in Leicester Square, both are good zones to meet and enjoy more the city. However, we have schools in Ireland and along UK such as Bath, Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Dublin, etc. After visiting the central offices, we are going to one of the Schools in Covent Garden, the school is easy to find because is near the tube station Holborn.

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I would like to know more of your courses, what courses do you offer? Do you prepare specific exams?

We offer courses for all levels of General English and Intensive English. We also offer Business English and exam preparation for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge. For Cambridge and IELTS exam students need to take a level exam to make sure they have the level required.

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How many students do you have per lesson?

We accept a maximum of 15 students, but the average is 12. Also, we guarantee you that you only will find a 5% of a students from your same country.

So how are the lessons structured?

We use our own books which are made by teachers and specialists. Therefore they are exclusive of our schools, every 2 weeks we use a different book as we change the level. Usually, the courses are 10 weeks so you will have to use 5 books to study. Something really good and innovative is that in addition every week and day you could have a lesson to improve a specific part, for example: if you are not good at Listening, you can find here tutoring lessons. We also use exercises on-line and different apps for Smartphone, so that you learn playing and with books. All classrooms are equipped with an interactive blackboard, so that you can see your book on the blackboard. Therefore the lesson is more interactive, students will participate more and pay more attention to the teacher as they don’t have to look the book constantly.

I see that you have a lot of students and you keep growing. Do you have activities for students?

Yes, and we have a lot. Every week and every day we have activities. We have activities in Christmas, Halloween and in summer we have a party in a boat. Also, we go to pubs. Furthermore if the students are interested in going to the cinema or theatres we get them cheaper tickets. What we want to give them is a whole experience not only lesson, so that they enjoy their stay, meet more people and feel like at home.

To finish, why do we should choose Kaplan?

As I said before we use an exclusive method of teaching with our own books, so students will not think why they are using the same books than in their home countries. Our schools are chosen as the best, we always encourage customers to look for references of former students.We also offer help to find university and in the application process you have when you apply it.What we want to offer is a unique experience, either academic or social, that doubtless will be amazing.


Wow that was a really insightful day.  I was blown away with the professionalism shown by Kaplan I have to thank the staff for showing me around I had a great time.  If your interested in booking with Kaplan or would like more information English courses in England then don't hesitate to get in touch.  Deatails below Ciao

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