Crest School of English

Crest School of English

Accredited by the British Council, CREST School of English has been teaching English since 1983. The school is based in a suburb of London called Edgware – around 30 minutes from Piccadilly Circus. Located on the main street students can enjoy cafes, restaurants and shops during their free time. Edgware station is located just minutes away from the school which links you straight to Central London.


I caught up with a member of staff and discussed the school and how it all came about

The School

CREST School of English offers different courses. Like most of the schools you can obviously enrol for General English, the minimum age is 16 years old and all levels are accepted, from beginner to an advanced level. A maximum of 16 students are accepted per classrooms but in average you won’t find more than 8 per class, which is fine to study and make progresses. The school also provides intensive English courses and one-to-one courses. Before your arrival you need to have a Skype meeting to test your English level bus you still need to fill an application form with a written and a grammar test on the first day but with this form teachers can allocate you in a group of your level. If you make strong progress can be upgraded to another group. Apart from the academic side of the school, it also provides more professional English. Indeed, from legal to financial English but also English for teaching. Whoever you are or whatever you do you can make progress in a specific field at CREST.

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Being different

The school has a very specific program, which only few schools provide; it’s a 9 or 18 months program mixing English and work placement. How does it work? You will take English courses for 24 weeks and a work experience for 12 weeks – this is for the 9 months program. To enroll CREST you are required a minimum age of 18 years old and a B1 English level. This program is a good way to improve significantly your English and also make your CV more appealing for future jobs with this 3 months' experience.

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The Environment

At CREST you will enjoy an international environment with a mix of nationalities; you will meet people from Spain, Italy, South America, Saudi Arabia…etc. In regards their social program, you will have access to three different packages: The “brown” program, which is 100% free, the "silver" and the "gold" one which are activities paid for but at a cheaper price so you can enjoy London according to your budget.

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Remember if your looking to study English as a foreign language course then get in touch and let our staff guide you on your journey

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Central School of English

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