With over 33 years of experience, CSE is one of the most reputable English language schools in Europe. Study Travel Magazine award winner in 2007, CSE is distinguished by the care and attention it gives to each and every student.The school is committed to delivering excellence and success through all five of its locations.



CSE offers students the possibility to choose among five destinations to study. The schools are situated in five cities, namely London, Leeds, Worthing and Oxford in the UK and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. All of them are in different environments in order to comply with students various preferences. If you want to Study English Courses in London or English Courses in Ireland you can consider CSE.

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Courses offered

CSE offers students numerous Language study courses, varying from standard general English courses, intensive general English courses to even IELTS and Cambridge examination preparation courses. It also provides courses for people who wants to teach English, giving them the opportunity to take their Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT) exam.

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Young Learners & Junior Courses

Parents that want to send their junior children to learn English will be pleased to hear that CSE also offers courses for juniors all year long. The courses for kids includes English, golf and rugby and they even have the chance to take summer classes in Brighton, the beautiful city by the seaside.


The school provides accommodation in wonderful home stays located in close to exciting venues to visit such as museums, parks, theatres and many others places.

Social Activities

By welcoming students from over 66 countries, CSE has developed a very friendly culture over the years. The school modern and bright facilities together with the experience of its staff make it very unique and admired school.

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Polar Choice is very happy to be partnered with CSE and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for English language courses in London, Leeds, Worthing, Oxford and Dublin.