British Study Centres

British Study Centres

Here we are again and a new blog for you guys to read.  As often as we can one of the Polar Team will be visitingone of our partner schools and discussing thei language programme. This week I visited British Study Centres London which in Baker street and very close to Bond street.


This school belongs to a a larger group of schools with Locations in Brighton, Oxford and Bournemouth. They offer courses for Adult Learners (from 16 on) and Young Learners (from 8 to 16).

This week I met with Santi who works as marketing manager in the school he has kindly taklen the time to show me around and I will try and give you a full run down of what I learned.

British Study Group has a long history, they started in the 50s as a family business. In the beginning they did correspondence courses and wer probably the biggest group in England futher along they founded the schools.  London was the first destination at West London College however this school doesn’t offer English courses.

It was in 1996 when the English School were founded. The first school was in Oxford with the second opening in Brighton in 2002.  Following that the school in London opened and finally the last one in Bournemouth in 2009.

What is the structure of a lesson at British Study Centres?

We use a book which is included in the course price, this means the students don’t have to buy an extra book or pay more for the book. Furthermore, the teachers also use photocopies in the lessons for doing exercises or theory.
All our teachers are native speakers.
The building where the school is settled

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How many students do you have per classroom?

The maximum 14 students, but the average is 11

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Do you have exam preparation courses for IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc?

Yes of course. We offer this kind of course. IELTS is very popular for Universities. For Cambridge we only offer FCE and CAE, not PET or CPE. However, if a student wants to prepare the PET exam we give him extra material. Besides we have what we call study centre which is open from Monday to Friday and where you always will find a teacher to help you and more material for the exam preparations. Therefore students can use it even if this is not included in the course price, it is for free. It is recommended for TOEFL and TOEIC exam preparation. What we normally do for TOEFL and TOEIC is a combination between the general lessons in the morning and 2 private lessons for these exams in the afternoon per week.

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Do you have a social programme or extra activities for students?

Yes, we have a football team and we plan minimum 3 activities per week, sometimes we have 4 or 5 and in summer we have activities every day. We think they are important as it helps the students to know the others deeper and therefore they have a better integration. In summer for example we have a party in a boat which is very popular. We also visit the tourist places in London and organise parties in the school such as the international food party in which students bring typical food from their countries.

And the last one, why do should choose British Study Centre?

There are a lot of schools in London and in UK, but we have gained experience during these years which is important in order to offer a good quality and service to our students. Another important point for me is the average of the age, here the average is between 20 and 25. Also our students come from different countries, having in the school 92 nationalities, so you will meet people from all around the world.

Thanks to Santi from British Study Centres for taking the time to speak with us today remember if your interested in studying English in England then don't hesitate to get in touch with Polar Choice and we will do all we cant to help you find the right course at the right price.

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