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I grew up in Nottinghamshire in the UK, but I myself am now an international student living abroad. In the UK I worked as a Marketing Consultant in the Education sector, but now I am a Freelance Writer, Blogger and Social Media Manager for many different companies internationally, whilst studying towards my degree in Dubai. I have seen and experienced a lot of England, especially London, for both work and play so I hope I can provide a great insight to living in England for both international students and young professionals.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying English Courses in England

Studying overseas is massive step forward in your life. You’re going to live away from your family for the first time and start your life as an independent adult… scary, but exciting. So, you want to go somewhere that gives you the perfect mix of an electric student lifestyle and a high standard of education. This is what makes studying English courses in England so brilliant. Where else would you be able to study at world class schools and colleges and consume yourself in great history and culture. So, here’s why studying in England is so utterly brilliant and completely like no other.

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A Look At South West London

Greater London is built up of five sub-regions, and over the years the way the sub-regions are divided has changed quite a bit. Generally, South West London is made up of several London Boroughs including Kingston-upon-Thames, Lambeth, Merton, Richmond-upon-Thames and Sutton. But following a few amendments to the London Plan in 2011, some people would now include the Boroughs of Wandsworth, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham and Hounslow. A long stretch of the River Thames runs through many towns in South West London, and the South West Londoners tend to be very proud over their side of the Thames. Setting itself slightly apart from the concrete jungle and buzzing metropolis of Central London, the South West is a home to many more stretches of green and quaint villages, but still withholds the chic and cosmopolitan feel of the city. Many of our accommodation in London services are based in south west London so this will be a handy guide to what’s where and what you should be checking out.

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14 July 2016
Moving to London often brings with it many new challenges. There are some essential things that need to be taken care of first such as finding accommodation (hopefully through us) and setting up essen...
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30 October 2014
If you are not from the UK you are probably wondering why everyone is wearing a poppy. The poppy is used as a symbol to show respect and honour the lives of those lost in conflicts involving the Briti...
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12 March 2015
Here at Polar Choice we work with top educational institutions around the UK to provide students a choice from a wide range of English Language course that suit each learner. There are so many kinds o...