A Look At Central London & Why It’s So Great

A Look At Central London & Why It’s So Great

If you’re looking for a home-from-home when it comes to studying abroad, you should definitely take a look at our English language courses in Scotland. With world-class education facilities, stunning scenery and amazing culture & heritage, you’re sure to receive a warm welcome and ease right into the simple life from the moment you arrive. So here’s why we think Scotland is a great place to study!


1. Heritage

Aside from the tartan kilts and bagpipes, there is much more to Scotland. One thing you can see wherever you go in Scotland is it’s great history and heritage. Scotland has been a part of Great Britain since the Act of Union in 1707, but the country definitely leaves its independent footprints in history. For example, you can still follow what’s left Hadrian’s Wall by foot, which was a huge wall built from one side of the island to the other during the rule of emperor Hadrian in AD 122 as a defense from the invasion of Roman’s in Britain. Every region is home to many heritage sites that take you to walk around fascinating architecture and buildings, relive battles and the rise and falls of monarchy as well as hikes through the breathtaking countryside and it’s historic remains. There are many heritage sites and events that have free admission, but you can also buy annual membership for ‘Historic Scotland’ that gets you free admission to all sites and events.

2. Nature

For many people, when they think about Scotland they picture the enormous stretches of countryside found in every county, that look almost completely untouched by human hands and the cosmopolitan ways of modern life. As you move further up north, the more countryside you get. Far up north the land is beautifully remote and life is simple and quiet. There are countless nature reserves, forests, national parks, lochs and highlands to explore.

3. City Life

So when you’re done in the highlands, and in need of something a bit more metropolitan, Scotland has 7 main cities; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling, Aberdeen, Inverness and Perth. Many people who choose to move to Scotland love that there is an extremely good public transport system, without the hectic rush of cities- and you don’t have to live in the metropolitan area to access it. There are many towns and villages that are within an hours commute to the cities and business centres. Scottish cities are lively and full of attractive, student-friendly bars, clubs and great music venues- there are even well-known events that run throughout the year, such as the summer rock festival T in the Park and the world famous New Years Eve street party. Throughout the daytimes, Scottish cities have a lot to offer, too. The streets are splattered with cosy cafés, warm pubs, gorgeous restaurants, interesting history & culture, as well as a brilliant shopping experience- everything from vintage boutiques to designer stores.

4. Endless range of Activities

Despite the incorrect presumptions that Scotland is boring for young people, you will never run out of things to do from the cities to the countryside. There are sports and leisure activities for all ages and interests. The Scots are well known for their competitive nature and passion for sports- after all, they invented football, golf, the rugby sevens and, of course, the Highland Games. All of which you can do anywhere in Scotland, in leisure centres or by joining local teams. Very popular activities to take part in out in the country are mountain biking and hiking, surrounded by incredible views throughout! Other available activities available throughout the endless mountains, lochs and rivers include skiing, sailing, fishing and many different watersports. This is a great way to make local friends, too. Although one of our English courses might help, you’ll have to get used to the broad native Scottish accents!

5. Lots of Language Schools

There is a wide range of accredited providers when it comes to studying English Courses in Scotland, which we’re here to help with. We can assist you finding cheap English courses and IELTS courses throughout Scotland in cities such as Edinburgh. Polar Choice can help you secure a place on a language course suited to your needs in a lively Scottish city for you to begin your independent life studying abroad.

My final thoughts on studying English in Scotland

Wherever in Scotland you choose to study, you will be able to find somewhere to live to suit your lifestyle- whether you’re looking for city life or simple country life. Scotland has so much to discover, and with over 30,000 international students heading over there every year, you can be sure to be welcomed with open arms by both students and the friendly Scots. If you’d like some more info on studying an English course in Scotland, please feel free to get in touch with us and we can answer any questions you might have.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying English...
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying English...

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