5 Reasons You Should Study an English Course in Oxford

5 Reasons You Should Study an English Course in Oxford

If I ask you to picture studying an English course in old England, just like in the movies with pretty 11th Century buildings & castles, amazing architecture and an enchantingly magical feel in the air, then you’re probably seeing Oxford. The city combines all the best of British, which makes a cosy yet exciting place to live. We think international students would love studying English courses in Oxford, and here’s why.

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1. Prestigious Studying

When almost anyone in the world hears ‘Oxford’, they immediately think about the world-renowned University, which was the first ever English-speaking University founded in the 12th century. English Language Courses studied whilst in the UK are widely respected all over the world, especially in such a prestigious University city such as Oxford. Our English language courses vary depending on your needs, but all of our courses are provided by highly accredited language schools with English UK certification, and you’ll receive an internationally recognised qualification.

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2. Mind-blowing Cultural Scene

Oxford is an amazing historic city that seems to take you back in time with the incredible architecture on almost every building. If you want to revel in typically British historic culture whilst studying an English course in England, then Oxford is the place to do it. With numerous world-famous museums, stunning theatres and great theatrical productions, medieval castles and huge libraries that date back centuries, there are always interesting events to attend.

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3. Getting Out & About

If you choose to study an English course in Oxford, you’ll definitely make some friends for life. As an internationally known world-class city for studying, Oxford attracts thousands of students from around the globe every year that are all in the same boat as you. You’ll never be short of bonding activities in Oxford, as the city is home to an awesome shopping experience and is well known for having some of the coolest vintage stores in the UK. And eating out is impressive, too. No matter what your budget is or what you fancy, you’ll find a nice restaurant, cafe or takeaway close by. Highly recommended by every local and international student studying an English course in Oxford is G and D’s ice cream café that sells Oxford’s own amazing ice cream.

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4. Pretty Landscapes

We all know England is quite notorious for bad weather, but the best thing about studying one of our English courses in Oxford is that your surroundings look great and quite dramatic no matter what the weather is like. Oxford is home to some really nice parks like the University parks and Christchurch Meadows, and there are plenty of National Trust parks around. They’re really cool for hanging out or studying through summer. Oxford also has lakes and a really pretty canal to visit. Everyone in Oxford seems to cycle everywhere, so it’s a great way to get around and explore the area.

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5. Travelling is Easy From Oxford

Oxford runs several bus and has frequent train services for getting around the city, so it’s really simple to get from one end to the other if you live far away from the school that you’re studying an English course in Oxford. But if on your days off you want to explore other English cities, or the smaller villages outside of the city, or even if you want to visit other parts of Europe, you can do it all from Oxford, especially as it’s only about an hour from London.

My final thoughts on studying an English language course in Oxford

If you’re eager to begin a internationally recognised English language course in a prestigious area for language schools, then Oxford could be the right one for you. At Polar Choice we can help you choose between many accredited language schools to find any type of specific course, whether that’s a general course to boost your skills or whether you want an IELTS course in Oxford or a legal English course in Oxford. Our students have always enjoyed living and experiencing Oxford, and they have always left with new life skills as well as great new academic skills that stand out on their CV. Here at Polar we’re sure you’ll love living and studying in such a brilliantly British yet vibrant and diverse area that makes studying abroad a life-changing decision.

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