5 Reasons You Should Consider Studying English Courses in London

5 Reasons You Should Consider Studying English Courses in London

The UK springs quite naturally to mind when thinking about where you should study the English language, but sometimes the places outside England can be overlooked. So, here are five reasons why we at Polar Choice think Wales is a great place to study English.

1. Internationally recognised language and qualifications.

Being fluent in more than one language will always play as an advantage to you in the working world, and English is widely considered as the most essential language for global business. There are over 100 countries in the world that have a significant English speaking population, and a high percentage of employers consider it as a basic skill needed for the entire workforce. Also an advantage for students taking an English course in London, is that a qualification from one of our many accredited English language schools in London are internationally deemed highly prestigious. For example, an IELTS course in London prepares you for the internationally standardised test of English language proficiency and looks great on your CV.

2. Great work opportunities.

If you want to work while you study an English language course, London has some fantastic opportunities. Whether you want a part-time job in customer service or retail, or you want to begin your career with a large employer, you will find hundreds of local job vacancies for graduate jobs, work placements, internships and part time work. London is a global city that has strong links with blue-chip companies in all industries and sectors, and although it can be a competitive game when it comes to job hunting, new opportunities arise every single day.

3. London is a gateway to the rest of Britain and Europe.

If you’re studying an English language course with us in London, you may choose to live in one of our accommodations in London. And no matter where you live in the capital, you’re only a short journey away from the rest of Britain. The public transport in the UK is great, and the national train and bus systems are quick and frequent from any of the larger stations that are dotted all over the city. It will help you with learning the language as there are hundreds of great cities and towns to explore throughout England, Scotland, Wales and even Ireland that are all reachable via affordable and fairly quick national transport. From London’s international bus and train stations, such as St Pancras International, you also have simple and easy access to the rest of Europe!

4. Reasonable cost of living

Ok, so you’ve probably heard that the cost of living in London is ridiculously expensive. And it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. England in general is a reasonably affordable place to live, and with careful planning and considerate cost-saving strategies, living in London can be just as affordable. Polar Choice is here to help you with exactly this, as we can assist you in finding affordable accommodation with solutions such as cheap shared rooms in London or cheap twin rooms in London that really cut the cost of the expensive housing or apartments, as well as finding you placements on cheap English courses in London. Alongside careful spending, shopping at lower cost supermarkets and limiting your eating out and wild clubbing, you should be fine coping with living in the pricey city. At Poalr Choice we also offer great packages and individual add ons such as a phone sim card, an Oyster rail card, new linen and airport collection that help you to get on your feet quickly and affordably when you arrive.

5. London knows how to treat an international student

London is no stranger to making home for people from around the globe. In fact, England has been one of the top popular countries to travel to for earning an education for decades, and around 25% of London’s population is made up of international students. As well as being surrounded by other internationals, you’ll also make some friends for life with English natives as they welcome you with open arms and are always interested in making friends with foreign students. You’ll definitely not feel alone here, we’re here for support and guidance, but our students make groups of friends for every occasion. It really helps get settled too by living in one of our student accommodations in London, where you can choose female rooms to share or male rooms to share with other internationals studying an English language course in London.

Final Thoughts on Studying an English Language Course in London

Studying a world-class English language qualification with one of our accredited language schools in London will be a decision you won’t ever regret. Our students past and present have made some fantastic memories as well as gaining incomparable life skills as well as academic ones that all look great on your CV. We’re sure you’ll make the best out of living in a vibrant and multicultural environment and take up some out of this world opportunities that are available every day in London for international students like you.

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