5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying English Courses in Ireland

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying English Courses in Ireland

A lot of thought goes in to where you would like study English language courses abroad, and you won’t be the first person in the ‘England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland?’ predicament. Some of the Irish cities are up there in the top places to visit in Europe, and they offer an alternative, one-of-a-kind student lifestyle. So here’s why we think you’d love to study English courses in Ireland.

1. History

What springs to mind when you think of studying English in Ireland? Green suits, lucky charms and leprechauns? There’s a bit more to it than that, and you’ve probably been reading endless Wikipedia pages to give you more of an idea about studying an English language course in Ireland. First things first, as in anywhere in the UK, Ireland comes with some really interesting heritage and traditions that make it such a unique place to live. Aside from the textbook history, Ireland has some great traditions and customs to become a part of, such as St. Patrick’s Day, and by indulging in Ireland’s past it will really help you to become a part of a lively country.

2. The Great Outdoors

If you love exploring the great outdoors then you will be right at home here in Ireland. Every inch of the country is picturesque; acres of magical countryside, mesmerizing coastal cliffs hiding quiet beaches, and plenty of charming villages to discover- it’s definitely a dream come true for your Instagram page!

3. Folklore

Coming to study English courses in Ireland, you should have an open mind and an active imagination. Irish folktales and mythology are out-there to say the least! Bashees and selkies, leprechauns and giants, ghosts and fairies… They all play a massive part in Irish literature, Irish landscapes and heritage tours, and even in bars and pubs in the city. The Irish really make the most of the magical and mystical old tales, and so do the students living in their cities. There are always themed fairs and festivals which are really good fun, and of course there’s a lot of drinking involved.

4. Nighlife

Speaking of drinking, let’s move on to more pressing matters- Ireland’s night-life is world-famous, and you won’t ever get bored of it. There’s a lot of craic to be had here (don’t worry, the safe kind of crack! Just Ireland’s misleading word for fun), and you’ll meet lots of other international students studying English courses in Ireland to join in on the shenanigans. If you are looking study English courses in Dublin, you can find really buzzing nightclubs and bars that feel really cosmopolitan and modern, as well as traditional Irish pubs and bars. Ok, so most cities you go to around the world will have their own adaptation of an Irish pub, but it cannot compare to an evening in a real Irish pub drinking good beer, surrounded by the passionate and witty locals listening to some proper Irish music- there’s no atmosphere like it. And of course, you’ll drink some, or a lot, of Guinness. Steady on the Guinness through, the Irish will drink you under the table every time.

5. Student Town

Stereotypically, the Irish are aggressive alcoholics but, again, this isn’t necessarily true, especially when in comparison with other European countries and cities. The locals are extremely witty and welcoming, and between a group of mates, ‘banter’ is really common- exchanging teases and insults at each other to make fun, so don’t take it personally! Whatever language courses you’re studying, Cambridge English courses to IELTS courses, in Dublin the locals will be really interested in where you’re from, what you’re studying. They’re extremely sociable and warm people. Walking around cities like Dublin you will see young students everywhere. Dublin actually has the youngest population of any European capital so you’ll never feel alone out there.

My Final thoughts on the Emerald Isle

Speaking to students past and present who’ve studied language courses in Ireland, or any course or degree for that matter, they have all had great experiences and fell in love with the country. To live in an electric city with plenty of green spaces, enjoying a chilled out but vibrant and fun-loving atmosphere with both the locals and other international students is a great opportunity to make unforgettable memories. The culture here is one-of-a-kind and you will definitely be returning to Ireland after you’re studies have ended.

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