5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying English Courses in England

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying English Courses in England

Studying overseas is massive step forward in your life. You’re going to live away from your family for the first time and start your life as an independent adult… scary, but exciting. So, you want to go somewhere that gives you the perfect mix of an electric student lifestyle and a high standard of education. This is what makes studying English courses in England so brilliant. Where else would you be able to study at world class schools and colleges and consume yourself in great history and culture. So, here’s why studying in England is so utterly brilliant and completely like no other.


1. Top English Schools

A lot of English schools in the UK are extremely well known all over the world Kaplan, Bell, Shane Global, CES, Regent all have multiple English language schools in England .Employers all over the world will recognize that you have studied at a prestigious English school and achieved high academic standards.

2. Fast Paced & Easy Living

There are many different types of English Language school in all kinds of cities in England that are able to meet any type of lifestyle. London has so much to offer for the fast-paced and fun loving, there will always be something new to try and new people to meet. Then there are places such as Cambridge that are small but vibrant cities, with breathtaking landscapes and culture. Although, a lot of cities can be really expensive, which is extremely so in London, there is still a lot of cheap accommodation available for students, especially if you’re open to meeting and living with new people remember Polar Choice are able to offer a wide range of cheap accommodation services in London especially and in other cities we can liaise with your school to find the best deal possible.

3. International Friends

Living and studying English courses in England will make you a part of a huge cosmopolitan student population that have come from all walks of life from every corner of the world. In 2012-13, 18% of all students in England were not from the UK. Making friends from around the globe will open your mind to new cultures and ideas and present opportunities that you don’t get everyday. By choosing shared rooms in places like London, it’s likely that you’ll be living with people from completely different parts of the world from you, and a lot of accommodations will let you specify between male rooms to share and female rooms to share. Taking the decision to study English in England will introduce you to a whole spectrum of new people and make global friends that will last a life time.

4. Pubs & Nightlife

Nightlife in England is like no other. There are bars, pubs and clubs to suit everyone in all cities. One of the greatest social cultures in Britain is a pub. You’ll find pubs everywhere in England, your local pub is likely to be within three streets of wherever you live in England. As the heart of local community, pubs are free houses where everyone is welcome to come and get a beer with friends. There’s always a warm, friendly atmosphere and a vast selection of ales, lagers, wines and spirits available as well as most pubs offering a rather cheap but wholesome food menu. Pubs are generally open from 11am up until 11pm, some even later. When students are done at the pub, they will move on to bars. Bars are generally smaller than a club but swankier, livelier and louder than the pub. There will be hundreds of bars and nightclubs in nearly all English cities, especially in London where every area has it’s own range of interesting nightlife from dirt cheap to ridiculously overpriced You will find that all of the English language courses that Polar Choice offer are from reputable schools that understand the need for a social programme drinks offers and discounts are easy to find and you will see that regardless of where you choose to study English in England there will be a huge effort made to encourage social interaction outside of school hours.

5. Business Opportunity

England is well known for it’s post-graduate opportunities and internships. There are recruitment companies all over England that can help students find work to fit around their studying schedule, as well as internships and post-graduate jobs to get your career started. Most recruitment services will also help to prepare you for interviews and working life if you need some assistance. The English government is even keen to assist young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses- you can attend workshops and seminars that can help you get on your feet when starting your own company, too. Although it’s very competitive, especially in London where there is such a high density of job seekers, there are also thousands and thousands of employers. From small home-run business to the largest companies in the world, if you work hard you will definitely be able to find somewhere to begin your career. Studying English in England is a great way to prove to prove to potential employers you have the willingness to learn and adapt to new challenging environments.


Studying abroad will open your eyes and broaden your horizons, and choosing to study in England is one that you won’t regret. It will be stressful settling in and finding your place in some of the fast-paced cities, but when you do it will be worth it. It’s your chance to make international friends for life, gain your independence and make yourself 100% more marketable to future employers by gaining intangible life skills and a prestigious and honorable qualification.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying English...

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