5 Questions To Ask When Looking For The Perfect English Course

5 Questions To Ask When Looking For The Perfect English Course

Thousands of young students from all over the world decide to come to the UK to study an English Course. But sometimes they rush into choosing a language school and are disappointed. Here are 5 questions that you should be asking when you are looking for the perfect English Language Course.

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1. Which types of courses do you offer that would best suit my needs?

We would strongly recommend using an approved agent when booking a language course so that they can effectively assess your requirements as a student and choose the most effective English course for you. At Polar Choice we have the largest database of approved English UK partners anywhere globally and we will be sure to find the correct course for you. If you do choose to contact a school direct be clear with the language school about why you are looking to study an English Language Course in the UK or Ireland- do you want a General English or Communication Skills Course just to improve your fluency and skills in the language? Or are you looking for an Academic English Course, Legal English Course or preparation for an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam? Perhaps you are looking to study towards Cambridge Certification? Be clear and the school will tell you which course is best for you based on your individual needs. You can use our search engine to see more of the different types of courses that schools offer.

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2. Do you have a course for my level of English?

This is where a lot of students go wrong when selecting a course. You should be honest about your proficiency in the English language so that your agent or school can advise you about what English course you need to meet your goals and improve your skills and confidence, in a surrounding where you aren’t too far out of your comfort zone. Here at Polar Choice we can assist you to find group or one-to-one courses in English, whether you’re a beginner or almost fluent. It is standard procedure in most schools for a proficiency test to be taken before you begin your course, the results of which will go a long way to determining what course you will take.

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3. How long is the course?

Make sure you know how long you can live abroad to study an English Language Course, and just how dedicated and motivated you are to reach your goal. For example, you are looking to study an English course in England for six months, and you’d like to spend 3 days a week maximum at the school. Provide your time frame and preference and we can show you what courses we have available that match your requirements.

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4. Which city should I study in and will there be affordable accommodation nearby?

When you don’t know the country well, you could end up in expensive accommodation within long distance to your chosen language school. Polar Choice will not only help you find the right course, but we will also ensure you find an English Language Course in the UK in a city perfect for you. Our job is to give you the most up-to-date options for cheap accommodation in London that is within easy reach of cheap English language courses in London. You can also browse our course options all over the UK on our Search Courses page- try searching English Courses England, English Courses Ireland, English Courses Wales or English Courses Scotland for options in each country. Or you can search for a course in a specific region, such as English Courses Brighton or English Courses Dublin. For accommodation in London we will always be able to offer you the best prices available and when consulting on English courses in other cities we will assist you where possible on accommodation.

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5. When is the course available from?

If you know exactly when you can move to the UK to begin your studies, then now is the time to start searching for your ideal course. Some English language courses in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales begin their term on specific dates throughout the year, whereas some courses have a rolling start date and you can join at any time, for example one-to-one language courses. We have a wide range of English Language courses for you that can begin when you are ready.

My final thoughts On Essential Questions to ask when looking for the perfect English Course?

If you are all set to browse English Language courses then please visit the Polar Choice website or contact us. You know all the right questions to ask, and we have the answers for you. We will assist you in sourcing cheap accommodation in London as well as providing you with a list of suitable, accredited courses all over the UK, from Cambridge English Courses in Dublin to IELTS Courses in Manchester and Legal English in Edinburgh, we’ll find the right course that ticks all of your boxes.

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