10 Essential Items For Any International Student Moving Abroad

10 Essential Items For Any International Student Moving Abroad

If you’re preparing to move abroad to study one of our English courses in London or any other major city in the United Kingdom or Ireland you’re probably racking your brains about what to pack. You don’t want to over pack- you’ve got far to travel! But you 100% do not want to under-pack and forget something important if you’re far from home. So we’ve put together a list of essential items to pop into your suitcase.

1. Appropriate clothing… for all our weird weather.

You’ve heard a thousand times how often it rains here in England. It rains, a lot. But quite often, people are caught out by a surprise heat wave at random times throughout the year. Snowy to sunbathing weather, England goes from one side of the scale to the other. So be sure to pack some light clothes and sandals for warm days, and a lot of clothes for cold ones. I’m talking raincoats, winter coats, jumpers, hoodies, cardigans and boots!

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2. Collapsible umbrella

Just to reiterate- it rains, a lot! Even when it looks like a nice day in the morning, you’ll need an umbrella that folds down and fits in your bag/backpack that you can grab in wet emergencies.

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3. Plug Adaptors

Unlike the rest of Europe, the UK has different plug sockets (we like to be different). So ensure you’ve got UK adaptors that you can use for your laptop and phone chargers etc. If you can’t get one back home, they will sell them at airports and cheap in the UK supermarkets to pick one up as soon as you arrive.

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4. Important documents

Boring, but essential. You will need all of your important documents while studying an English course in London, for things such as opening a bank account or hiring a car or anything of that nature. So be sure to have important documents such as your passport, birth certificate, visa details if applicable, driving license, insurance details and even perhaps bring a sheet of passport photos, just in case.

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5. Home comforts

A lot of students get more homesick than they think when they move abroad to study an English course in England or any of the other home countries. If you’re moving into one of our accommodations in London, you’ll definitely have some of your own space to put your pictures, posters and keepsakes to make you feel at home, even if you’re in one of our shared rooms in London. If your staying somewhere else in the UK with another provider check that what personal belongings you are allowed.

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6. Light iPad or laptop

Of course, moving to London to study you will probably need your laptop/iPad for work and study. But you’ll also need it for personal entertainment at home, so you can watch programmes and movies, keep in touch with home via social media, maybe download Netflix. We suggest having a light tablet or laptop that you can carry with you when you’re out and about, as there’s free Wi-Fi almost anywhere here in London. In all Polar Choice accommodations in London you will have free wifi with unlimited download so take advantage.

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7. Mobile phone unlocked to any network

Mobile phones are obviously an essential nowadays. But if you’re bringing your mobile with you to London, then we suggest contacting your provider to unlock the phone so that you can get a pay-as-you-go sim card here in the UK. Roaming and international calling charges are extremely expensive, but you can pick up a free sim with local networks that have great deals for calls, minutes and data if you top up so much a month.

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8. Up to date English dictionary

Ok so A) this will help you with studying an English course in England or wherever for that matter. And B) it will help you understand some sayings and words that you might not be familiar with. Oxford dictionary updates every year with new weird and wonderful words and common phrases- so you can be keep in the loop with ones such as omnishambles and twerking.

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9. Towel

This sounds obvious, but a lot of students moving into our accommodation in London will forget to bring a towel because they’re obviously widely available all over the world. But it’s best to bring a couple of your own towels to bide yourself some time until the first Ikea trip.

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10. A nice camera

It’s all well and good taking photos on your phone, but they’re not always great quality and it will drain your battery if you’re on a day trip or weekend away. No matter where specifically you’re living in our accommodation in London, you’ll definitely be close to a train or bus station that can connect you to the rest of Britain and Europe, so you’ll hopefully travel on your weekends! London, England and Europe have some stunning views and attractions so you’ll definitely want some snaps to remember your time here.

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My final thoughts For Any International Student Moving Abroad

This list is compiled from both seemingly obvious items as well as items recommended by our students studying English courses in England. Moving to the English capital can be straightforward if you pack the essentials, and especially if you use Polar to find cheap accommodation in London. We can help you find the best available cheap English courses in London too, such as the IELTS course and Legal English courses. Also, to help you get on your feet when you arrive, Polar Choice offer affordable packages that include things such as Oyster travel cards and new linen. If you’d like some more information on our English courses in London or our accommodation in London don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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